Monday, December 12, 2011

Top 2 environmental news stories for PA & NJ - 12/12/11

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In Pennsylvania

Similar pipes, different rules
When the owners of the Tennessee natural gas pipeline decided to expand the pipe in the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania's northern tier, the federal safety rules they had to follow filled a book. Chesapeake Energy is building a pipeline in Bradford County, the same size as the Tennessee line, 24 inches in diameter and it's designed to operate at even higher pressure - up to 1,440 pounds per square inch. But for this line, in this rural section of shale country, there are no safety rules at all Inquirer

Sunoco Refinery workers playing a waiting game In September, Sunoco Inc. Chairman and CEO Lynn Elsenhans announced she would close the Marcus Hook and Philadelphia refineries by July if a buyer for the facilities wasn’t found. Now,  the deadline has been extended Daily Local

In New Jersey

Can urban transit hubs help revitalize cities? Ambitious $1.5B  tax credit program hopes to attract development, jobs, and pedestrians to downtown mass transit centers NJ Spotlight 

Legislation pushes logging on state-owned lands Supporters of the estimated $2.7 million program say it would help the state nurse its 800,000 acres of land back to health by removing trees and allowing sunlight to feed new growth  Statehouse Bureau 

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