Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What killed Delaware's offshore wind energy project?

What caused Princeton-based NRG Energy to mothball its plans for an energy wind farm off the coast of Delaware? [Big trouble for offshore wind energy project in Delaware]

Federal purse strings, yanked by a Republican-controlled Congress with a contemptuous view of "green" projects played a significant role. But, so too, did an unforeseen economic reversal that slowed the nation's insatiable appetite for electric power and forced private investors to reexamine the potential payback from costly alternative energy projects. 

The News Journal's Aaron Nathans provides answers today in: Bluewater: What went wrong?

DFM News reporter John Hurdle poses similar questions in Dissecting what put Delaware’s offshore wind farm plan in peril

Hurdle also questions the effect of the project's collapse on other leading Atlantic Ocean wind farm projects-- Fisherman’s Energy off New Jersey, the Deepwater Wind project off Block Island, NY, and Cape Wind off Massachusetts.

Only time will tell, but the future looks gloomy for the U.S. wind industry, as AOL Energy's Shifra Mincer reports in Wind Industry Nervous As Tax Credit Expiration Date Looms.

Renewable Energy World offers a more sanguine view in US Offshore Wind Project Updates   

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