Thursday, March 8, 2012

Enviros say Christie's giving Highlands exec the shove

Eileen Swan

An environmental group that monitors New Jersey's Highlands Council claims that Gov. Chris Christie is is trying to push the council's executive director Eileen Swan out the door in favor of a Morris County freeholder.

Julia Somers, executive director of the Highlands Coalition, says the plan is to put Gene Feyl, a Morris County freeholder, into Swan's position.  

Morris County Freeholder Gene Feyl

A press release from the coalition said Feyl "needs one more year to qualify for a full state pension," noting the $120,000 per year job with the council would create "a significant increase in his pension in addition to the other benefits derived from completing 20 years in the pension system."

Asked to respond, Governor Christie's press secretary Michael Drewniak said "I don't have any comment, except to note that the Highlands Coalition's press release was hysterical and overwrought."

The New Jersey Herald has the details in Highlands Coalition says Christie is trying to push out director
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