Thursday, April 5, 2012

A NJ epic coming May 7 to a contaminated site near you

More than three years in the making...

Assembled by a vast cast of legislators, regulators, environmental attorneys, consultants, engineers and pissed-off environmentalists...

On May 7 the epic journey begins..

New Jersey launches its daring plan to cleanup up tens of thousands of contaminated sites...

And places responsibility in the hands of  (gasp) private-sector experts!

Watch as a newly minted cadre of LSRPs (Licensed Site Remediation Professionals) attack the backlog...

...and the Sierra Club lies in wait, legal paratroopers sharpening their briefs, and foot soldiers chafing to storm the DEP at the first whiff of impropriety or confusion.

Yes, enviro-drama fans, the wait it nearly over... 

Coming to a contaminated site near you, it's the.....

 2009 Site Remediation Reform Act (ta da)!

(OK, so the name needs a little work but the  background is all pretty legit)

For the details, we turn you over to the environmental legal department at Cole Schotz where Susan C. Karp authored an illuminating article for the New Jersey Law Journal.

Her article, Watershed Date for N.J. Site Remediation: May 7, 2012 summarizes what has already happened and what is about to take place.

And if you assume that attorneys are only about dry-bones facts, check out Susan's observation that hundreds of former DEP remediation site case workers have quietly
been reassigned to the department's enforcement section.

Is DEP about to launch "
much more aggressive enforcement initiatives" she asks? 
Wow, talk about a cliffhanging subplot. 

We'd love to hear what you think about NJ's Site Remediation Reform. Too much? Too little? Too complicated? Tell us what you think in the opinion box below. If one is not visible, activate it by clicking on the tiny 'comments' link.  Signed comments are appreciated. Anonymous submission  also accepted.

NJDEP wants to help. Really, they do. Stop snickering


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