Friday, May 4, 2012

Don't ever miss a great environmental event opportunity

Interested in learning about the status of solar energy in New Jersey?
How about the latest requirements for underground storage tanks in Pennsylvania? 
The future of New Jersey's forests?  How to grow commercial algae?

Want to learn how you can volunteer for the May 9 Barnegat Bay (Cleanup) Blitz?
Or how to cash in on troubled real estate?.

Whether your goal is education, recreation or environmental-business networking,
you will find something of value in our Enviro-Events Calendar

It's updated daily. If what appears today doesn't tickle your fancy, tomorrow's additions might.

There's no need to to try remembering to check in regularly.
We'll send you email alerts when the list is updated

How? Just us the form in the upper right corner of the calendar site.
TIP: Don't forget to check our calendar when you're planning your next event.
It might save you from selecting a date that conflicts with a competing event.

And be sure to send us your event information. We'll post it without charge.

Questions? Contact us at: or leave a message: 215-295-9339.

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