Friday, May 25, 2012

Ex-Saul Ewing chair named Pa Governor's chief of staff

** Updated to add related news stories on May 28, 2012**

Former Saul Ewing Chairman Stephen S. Aichele will move from his role as Pennsylvania’s general counsel to become Governor Tom Corbett’s chief of staff, the Philadelphia Business Journal reported today.

Corbett announced the change Thursday after nominating current chief of staff William F. Ward to fill a vacancy on the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas.

Aichele left Saul Ewing in January 2011 after 35 years at the firm when Corbett nominated him general counsel. He will now succeed Ward, effective this coming Tuesday.

Prior to joining the state government, Aichele had spent his entire career at Saul Ewing. He has served in various leadership roles including managing partner. As chairman, he served as its public ambassador through participation and leadership in community affairs and in the numerous business, civic and political organizations in which the firm participates.
David Antzis replaced him as managing partner in early 2006.

Aichele also has been the driving force behind the firm’s real estate practice for decades and spearheaded the opening of the firm’s Chesterbrook, Pa., office.

Aichele’s wife, former Chester County Commissioner Carole Aichele, serves as secretary of state.

The Associated Press said the change comes as Corbett. a first-term Republican, battles criticism from opponents over his cost-cutting agenda and from allies over his ability to forge policy and broadcast a persuasive and strong public message

The governor held a brief meeting with Ward and other senior staff members Thursday afternoon to announce the change and declined to comment afterward. Spokesman Kevin Harley said Corbett is “a very independent-minded man” who is not bending to pressure to make a change.

“Every administration is going to have critics,” Harley said. “However, this is something that the governor and Bill have been discussing for many months and the governor thought this was the right time to do it so he could get confirmed before the (Legislature’s summer) recess.”

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