Monday, June 25, 2012

NJ lawmakers send fracking water ban to Gov. Christie

The New Jersey Senate this afternoon, on a 30-5 vote, approved A-575 that would ban the importation of fracking-related waste water for treatment, storage or disposal in New Jersey.

The legislation cleared the Assembly on a 56-19-4 vote last week. It now goes to Republican Governor Chris Christie for his consideration.

The measure was opposed by several business organizations, including the NJ Petroleum Council, NJ Business and Industry Association and the state Chamber of Commerce.

“Toxic waste from fracking should not be allowed anywhere near New Jersey’s waterways,” said Doug O’Malley, interim director of Environment New Jersey. “The New Jersey Senate chose drinking water over gas drillers today, and we urge Gov. Christie to sign this bill into law.”

The Sierra Club said:

"The threat of fracking waste is real with DuPont already accepting the wastewater along with two other facilities in Elizabeth and Carteret that have accepted fracking waste.The DuPont Deepwater facility has accepted fracking wastewater for treatment from PA-based PSC Industrial Services.  The waste treated at the plant had been mixed with other partially treated liquid hazardous wastes before coming on-site.  DuPont has not confirmed whether it even has the facilities to treat fracking waste, which can contain radioactive materials."  

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