Monday, June 4, 2012

What lies ahead for EPA's resourceful Lisa Jackson?

Lisa P. Jackson - T. J. Kirkpatrick photo for the Star-Ledger

Like an NFL coach with a sub-par running/passing attack, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has been winning games for the environment by combining a tenacious defense with a crafty exploitation of  the regulatory rulebook.

Her agency wears an enormous bulls eye on its back. Powerful industrial interests want to eviscerate it. The GOP right has blocked legislation that would allow it to regulate additional dangerous chemicals. Even her boss in the White House has not always had her back.

And yet, under Jackson's leadership, the Environmental Protection Agency has forced the the coal energy industry to clean up its act and drove automakers to almost double the efficiency of their cars and trucks.

Will she be around for a second Obama term (if there is one)?  If not, will we see her challenge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as he preps for another four years in office?

The (Newark ) Star-Ledger's Tom Moran takes a break from editorial writing to produces a noteworthy profile in the Trials, triumphs and intriguing future of EPA head Lisa Jackson.

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