Friday, July 6, 2012

New Pa. law aims at easing regulations on small business

If you are one of the estimated 900,000 owners of a small business in Pennsylvania, here's some good news.

Governor Tom Corbett last week signed into law Act 
76 which requires state agencies to consider less costly or intrusive alternatives before imposing a new regulation on your small business. 

In a bulletin to their firm's clients, Saul Ewing  attorneys Andrew T. Bockis and  Richard Guerra explained:

"Act 76 requires state agencies, when proposing a new regulation to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC), to identify numerous factors concerning how the proposed regulation will affect small businesses. IRRC is the Pennsylvania agency tasked with reviewing all Pennsylvania agency regulations to ensure they are in the public interest. Most agency regulations, including those proposed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, must be approved by IRRC before going into effect. Under the new law, state agencies must: 

  • Identify how the new regulation will financially, economically and socially impact small businesses.
  • Estimate the number of small businesses that will be affected by the proposed regulation.
  • Project the cost of compliance with the proposed regulation for small businesses.
  • Describe methods by which the state agency could reduce the proposed regulation’s impact on small businesses."

A copy of the full bulletin is available here.
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