Thursday, July 26, 2012

Will iPhone vs Android determine Obama vs Romney?

The mobile operating system you choose may determine the fate of the U.S. presidency in the November election. Certainly, it's likely to dictate whether you're bombarded with pro-Barack Obama ads or pro-Mitt Romney ads as you browse the mobile Internet this year.

That's the conclusion drawn by InfoWorld in reporting on a anew study from Localytics
which found that: 
  • 70 percent of the states with the most active iPhone users (New Jersey and New York among them) 
    vote Democratic
  • 70 percent of the states with the most active Android users lean Republican, and 
  • Critical swing states are clustered in the middle.

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The presidential candidates' respective campaigns may use those nuggets of information as we head toward Election Day, Localytics predicts: "With the Obama and Romney campaigns seeking every advantage, targeted smartphone advertising will be useful when trying to reach Democratic and Republican voters and volunteers in swing states, which cluster around the average iPhone and Android distribution." 

During the 2008 election, both Obama and Republican challenger John McCain used mobile primarily to send unsolicited texts, which resulted in complaints to the FCC, according to Localytics. 

Now the Democrats and Republicans have an opportunity to hone their 
mobile and online strategies. (A warning: Those spam texts may be just as prevalent this time around, along with an abundance of tweets.) 

Here is the full InfoWorld story and
the study from Localytics  

We're already dreading the incessant campaign ads sure to crowd out our favorite beer and truck commercials on NFL Sundays. To think that we also will get waylaid on our cells is just too much.  

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