Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fracking in New York: How will Gov. Cuomo proceed?

Protesters outside Schlumberger’s  fracking supply depot in Horseheads, NY, Aug. 11. (Photo: Shaleshock)

"Two months ago, Gov. Andrew Cuomo confidently promised a rapid roll out of his plan to introduce high-volume fracking to New York State in a few rural upstate counties.
"But his trial balloon for the initiative drew intense negative reactions, to which the governor has responded with dead silence. That has left both sides of the natural gas drilling debate wondering whether Cuomo will stick with the plan that all but flopped in its public test or go back to the drawing board."
That's how Peter Mantius began his Natural Resources News Service report yesterday on how New York State arrived at its present state of deadlock over hydrofracturing--the natural gas drilling technique that we all know as 'fracking.' 
We found Cuomo’s Fracking Plan: Politics Trumps Science to be a good way to get up to speed on this contentious environmental issue. You might, too.

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