Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NJ's largest paper wants more action on Barnegat Bay

Photo credit:  Andy Mills/The Star-Ledger
The editorial board of New Jersey's most influential newspaper, The Star-Leger, today declared that it is time for drastic action to reverse the environmental deterioration of Barnegat Bay.

The editorial appeared two days after a state legislative hearing in Lavallette at which Rutgers research professor Michael Kennish reported on a multi-year study that found pollution spreading southward from more densely populated areas adjacent to the bay's northern reaches.

"...after the most comprehensive testing of the bay to date, a Rutgers scientist says pollution has spread through its waters over the past few decades 'like a human cancer,'” the editorial said.

The newspaper calls for the federal Environmental Protection Agency to step in, under the Clean Water Act, to set strict limits on nutrient pollution entering in the bay.  

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Although the Star-Ledger has been a frequent critics of the administration of Republican Governor Chris Christie, its editorial board credited the governor with taking 
the problem more seriously than his predecessors and making "some good efforts" including winning an agreement "to hasten the closure of the Oyster Creek nuclear plant, which was built before cooling towers were required and spews huge quantities of heated water into the bay, accelerating its decline." 

Even the New Jersey Sierra Club, which generally appears inclined to blame Christie for every environmental malady stretching back to Noah's flood, was less hostile on Monday when we asked its director, Jeff Tittel, about the Rutgers study.

Rutgers prof warns: Action needed to save Barnegat Bay

What do you think should be done about Barnegat Bay? Should Governor Christie do more? Should the EPA step in? Or is this just a bunch of liberal 
hysteria like Global Warming? (Yes, we are kidding). Let us know in the comment box below. If one is not visible, activate it by clicking on the tiny 'comments' line.

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