Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Enviros claim victory over NJ carbon sequestration plant

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A group of 37 environmental and social groups known as the Stop PurGen Coalition have announced that their fight to defeat a proposed coal and carbon sequestration power plant in Linden, NJ is over.

Since 2009, the activists fought the construction of PurGen One, a proposed 750 MW coal and carbon sequestration plant that would have used a 140-mile long pipeline through New Jersey’s coastal waters to pump liquefied carbon dioxide one mile below the Earth’s surface.

The group discovered an announcement on the Massachusetts-based company SCS Energy’s website that stated, “PurGen One is no longer under active development.”

According to the coalition, SCS Energy’s contract with the city of Linden expires this year.

For three years coalition members from Cape May up to New York City canvassed door-to-door educating the residents on the proposal and alerting them to speak out at public hearings and meetings. The group also lobbied with municipalities and counties around the state to pass resolutions in opposition to the plant.

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Coalition Claims Victory In Fight Against Linden Coal Plant

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