Friday, November 23, 2012

NJ Governor signs two medical-disposal bills into law

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed into law two bills aimed to discouraging the improper disposal of medications and medical waste.

They are:

  Eustace, T.J. (D-38); Schepisi, H. (R-39); Benson, D.R. (D-14) 
Prohibits health care facilities from discharging prescription medications into sewer or septic systems in certain circumstances. Related Bill: S-81
     Nov 19, 2012           –          Signed by the Governor: Public Law 62

A-1888  Milam, M.W. (D-1); Albano, N.T. (D-1); Greenwald, L.D. (D-6)
Allows license suspension or revocation of certain health care professionals and medical waste facilities, generators, and transporters for willful illegal or improper medical waste disposal. Related Bill: S-2190
    Nov 19, 2012           –          Signed by the Governor: Public Law 65

To read a full copy of either bill, click on the bill number.


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