Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick, he's running for re-election. Get him a puppy!

An eagle-eyed voter in Pennsylvania's 89th General Assembly District sent a message informing Keystone Politics that they had in their possession doctored political photos
used by the re-election campaign of State Representative Rob Kauffman. 

The photos appear below with the political blog's description: 

"Here’s the first piece of literature, which was given to voters by Kauffman as he knocked on their door:     
An idyllic, perfect, and loving family indeed. Now, here’s the piece of campaign literature that was sent to the very same voters as a follow up:
Puppy! [Keystone Politics added the red circle highlighting the perplexing pooch.]

? Not even close. Still, one wonders what Kauffman's
advisers were thinking. Was it that important to make an otherwise perfectly acceptable looking family appear a
tiny bit more All-American?  
Did it outweigh the risk of being outed as a photo-manipulator?
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