Monday, November 26, 2012

Sandy brings out the crooks. There's an app for that

 Removing Sandy debris in Union Beach, NJ  Photo Credit: Reuters/Eric Thayer

A devastating storm like Sandy can bring out the crooks - and not just opportunistic looters and burglars, the news service Reuters reports today.

Officials dealing with the destruction in the U.S. Northeast say one of their biggest headaches is debris-removal fraud committed by greedy contractors who inflate their share of the millions in cleanup funds doled out by federal agencies.
But new digital technology created by private companies and municipalities in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Irene is making it much easier to stop firms from overcharging by claiming they have trucked away more wreckage than they have.
The new software combats fraud and also streamlines the vexing municipal task of documenting every last dumpster of debris or broken tree branch to prove to Federal Emergency Management Agency auditors that the money was properly spent.

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