Monday, December 17, 2012

In Sandy's wake, NJ lawmakers crank up generator bills

One of the lessons that Superstorm Sandy taught us is that life is no fun without power.

Roughing it for a  few hours with flashlights and candles can be an adventure (maybe even romantic) but the thrill is gone when the candles flicker out, the cold sets in, your local supermarket's frozen food turns to mush, and you have to hopscotch all over town trying to find a gas station that has the power to keep its gas pumps pumping.  

Many New Jerseyans were without electricity for several days after Sandy ripped up the coast. Looking to limit future constituent discomfort, state legislators started drafting bills
as soon as their computer screens glowed back to life.

Howard Geneslaw
Among them are several that would require grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, first aid, ambulance, and rescue squads, pharmacies, firehouses and boarding houses all to install standby generators.   

In an alert to the his firm's business clients, Gibbons attorney
Howard D. Geneslaw, summarizes the legislation and notes some
of the problem that could  arise since the bills, as introduced, fail to override local zoning. You can read his full post here

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