Thursday, December 6, 2012

Promising news for dead-in-water offshore wind in NJ

The developer of a proposed offshore wind transmission backbone is looking at putting a manufacturing facility in the port of Paulsboro, a move that might bolster New Jersey’s efforts to become the hub of the offshore wind sector along the Eastern Seaboard, NJ Spotlight reports.
“We’re committed to working in New Jersey,’’ said Bill Wall, director of marine operations for Atlantic Wind Connection. The Google-backed proposal intends to establish a 300-mile-long transmission system to serve offshore wind farms.
There are a lot of big "ifs" associated with the proposal, including whether the state can come up with a workable funding mechanism to help offshore wind developers line up financing for their projects. Still, the AWC statement is the first time anyone has publically vowed to build a manufacturing facility for offshore wind in New Jersey.
The Christie administration and lawmakers have proposed developing 1,100 megawatts of generating capacity from wind farms off the Jersey coast, but the efforts have been mired in bureaucratic delays at both state and federal levels.

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