Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 alternative energy picture not bright in New Jersey

At the start of 2013, New Jersey's prospect for a greater reliance on alternative energy is far from promising.

The development of a wind-turbine farm off the coast is more doubtful than ever, the once high-soaring solar sector has gone into an eclipse, and an alternative energy vehicle policy hasn't yet pulled away from the curb.

NJ Spotlight's energy and environment writer Tom Johnson surveys the landscape in
For Energy Sector, 2013 Brings Another Chance to Grapple With Unresolved Issues.

Across the border, New York State has announced that it is investing $250 million in alternative energy projects as part of its Renewable Portfolio Program. The chosen projects will be announced by early summer and are supposed to be generating electricity by May 1
of next year.

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