Saturday, January 26, 2013

Good news for those who like surf fishing at the NJ shore

A segment of one of New Jersey's outdoor jewels, highly popular with bathers, naturists and those who love surf fishing, has been partially reopened following the collection of tons of debris that piled up during Superstorm Sandy.

The entire 10-mile-long Island Beach State Park, located at the southern end of the barrier island that includes Seaside Park, had been closed since the storm ripped through dozens 
of NJ shore communities in October. 

Now, after the collection of tons of debris and the removal of up to seven feet of sand drifts from the road that runs through the park, one segment (Ocean Bathing Area 1) is open to the public for sport fishing, four-wheel driving and walking--with the usual user fees suspended.

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The video above, shot by The (Bergen) Record's Thomas E. Franklin, shows how Sandy ripped out a boardwalk that gave handicapped fishing enthusiasts access to the water and washed away many heavy rocks that formed a jetty at the southern tip of the park. The thought of what 
it took to move those boulders gives us renewed respect for the expression "the power of nature."      

Curiously, the governor's summer beach home on the beach was left relatively unscathed. Proof that Mother Nature is a moderate to right-leaning Republican?       

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