Monday, January 14, 2013

Hearing on open-space funding bills Feb 11 in NJ Senate

Bob Smith, chairman of the New Jersey Senate's Environment and Energy Committee postponed today's scheduled hearing on his bill (S-813) that would fund the purchase of properties for open-space, farmland and historic sites preservation through a new fee/tax (pick-a-noun) on water use.

During his committee meeting this morning in Trenton, Smith said that the issue would be taken up on February 11 when his water bill will be considered along with legislation that would replenish the state's now-empty Open Space Fund by two other methods:
1. A bond issue (NJ's traditional method of raising money for open space), or
2. The dedication of a portion of an exiting revenue source (likely the sales tax)   
Do you support continued tax-payer funding for open space, farmland and historic property preservation? If so, how do you think it should be funded?  Let us know in the comment box below. If one is not visible, activate it by clicking on the tiny 'comments' line.     

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