Thursday, January 31, 2013

One of the best pieces ever about New Jersey politics

Politics is the liveliest spectator sport in New Jersey.

One of the reasons why is that New Jerseyans have been blessed with decades of great political reporting in more than a dozen competing daily newspapers.Sadly, economics are squeezing the life out of many of the dailies but new voices are emerging outside the traditional press.

A brilliant example is Steve Kornacki whose piece How Democratic bosses destroyed Dick Codey and unleashed Chris Christie appears in the latest edition of the lively, two-year-old online news publication Capital (Tagline: This is how New York Works)

If you're addicted to the constant churn of  Jersey political drama (who's rising, who's falling, who's indicted today) you'll love Kornacki's story. He does a great job of encapsulating the last decade of plotting, backstabbing and backstage intrigue.

Some Democrats may not like it. Party bosses will hate it. And you?

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Regardless of whether you respond or not, be sure to read the story.

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