Friday, February 8, 2013

As blizzard approaches, NJDEP issues wastewater alert

With a major snow storm threatening northern New Jersey, where some wastewater treatment plants are still recovering from damage incurred during superstorm Sandy,
the NJ Environmental Protection Department today issued an Enforcement Alert.

The alert advises all New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES) permittees to take the following  precautions.

  1. Update your emergency contact list for internal and external communications 
  2. Test your remote access and communication systems and ensure they are in good  working order 
  3. Place operating/emergency response personnel on call and review emergency procedures 
  4. Provide the NJ State Police with 24 hour contact information for your organization  (operation center) in the event a travel restriction is imposed 
  5. Provide a list of emergency response personnel on 24-hour call to the  licensed operator on duty at the water or wastewater facility 
  6. Ensure that all supplies, including water treatment chemicals and fuels, are fully stocked and secured to the maximum extent possible 
  7. Test auxiliary power sources and generators to ensure they are in good working order 
  8. If applicable, arrange for portable generators for key pumping stations 
  9. Inspect infrastructure and back-ups to ensure they are functioning properly 
  10. Inspect Combined Sewer Systems and ensure that the regulators, screening facilities,  netting and tide gates are functioning properly 
  11. Clear all road storm drains and storm inlets prior to the storm event 
  12. Inspect/assess critical infrastructure for damage after the storm, when you can do so safely 
  13. Carry a fully charged cell phone and be sure everyone on the emergency list has the number, in case the land line is unavailable.  

Read the full alert here.

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