Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Did Sandy sink yesterday’s Associated Press story, too?


Sandy - Mantoloking house washed into Barnegat Bay -AP photo

Sandra Cohen (thank you, Sandra) took the time today to alert us to the fact that the link was not working to the Associated Press story in yesterday’s post, Danger below: What Sandy sunk forces big cleanup.

We mention this for two reasons. First, some of our readers might have been disappointed that they could not access the full story. Now you can. Here it is.

The second reason is that we enjoy hearing from our readers and encourage you to contact us when you spot something that’s missing or malfunctioning. Heck, feel free to write even when you like something. Or have a story idea that you think we should pursue.

You can use the comment box that appears at the bottom of each post, or you can drop us an email at: editor@enviropolitics.com.

Thanks for reading (and reacting).

Frank Brill

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