Monday, February 11, 2013

NJ energy and environment bills in committee - 2/11/13

The New Jersey Assembly's Environment and Solid Waste Committee meets today at 2 p.m.
to consider the following bills:

A-567  Wagner, C. (D-38); Gusciora, R. (D-15); Vainieri Huttle, V. (D-37)  
Prohibits drilling technique of hydraulic fracturing.
Related Bill: S-246
A-922  Riley, C.M. (D-3); Moriarty, P.D. (D-4)
Requires certain notifications upon sale of property where private well is treated by point of entry system.
A-936  Riley, C.M. (D-3)
Requires certain notifications, and provides for guaranteed NJ Spill Compensation Fund coverage, upon sale of property where private well is treated by point of entry water treatment system.
Related Bill: S-576
A-1312  Greenwald, L.D. (D-6); Lampitt, P.R. (D-6)
Requires report and public hearing prior to DEP recommendation of site for inclusion on Superfund list.
A-1447  Gusciora, R. (D-15); Wagner, C. (D-38)
The "Pesticide Use Reduction Recognition Act."
ACR-173  Tucker, C.G. (D-28)
Urges carbon monoxide detector installation in all buildings.

AR-126  Spencer, L.G. (D-29); Oliver, S.Y. (D-34); Bramnick, J.M. (R-21)
Urges DEP to study and measure methane emissions, and address prevention, reduction, and beneficial use thereof, especially for energy.

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