Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No misprint: Pa enviro group praises Gov. Corbett-twice

What's going on here? Has the fracking fluid seeped into Pennsylvania's drinking water?

In their latest e-newsletter, Session Daze, the environmental organization, PennFuture, said something laudatory about Republican Governor Tom Corbett. Not once, but TWICE.

Since the green group is more inclined to find fault with Corbett's policies--especially his hear-no-evil, see-no-evil stance on the natural gas drilling industry--it's worth noting that PennFuture itself isn't quite as doctrinaire.

Here's proof:
The education of Tom Corbett?
In last year's budget, Gov. Corbett proposed permanently eliminating funding for the Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund — the state's flagship conservation program — and Pennsylvania's nationally recognized farmland preservation program. Fortunately, after a tremendous outcry from citizens and conservation and farming organizations statewide, funding for both programs was unanimously restored in the House.
Afterward, Gov. Corbett began praising Commonwealth investments in state parks and other public lands as he traveled the state. And this year, Corbett proposed increasing funding for farmland preservation by $10 million and even highlighted the idea during his budget address.
Some might see these actions as hypocritical. We prefer to see them as personal and political growth, stemming from Corbett's interactions with Pennsylvanians throughout the state, and their love and support for Penn's Woods. Now, if only he could understand that the proper level of financial support for our public lands should not be solely dependent upon extraction of the resources under those lands, or impacting the health of the forests that populate its surface

and here...

Loosening Grover's leash on Harrisburg
Nobody elected Washington-based anti-government zealot Grover Norquist to run Pennsylvania, and Norquist clearly doesn't care about Pennsylvania's environment, our quality of life, or the safety of our roads, bridges, or public transportation. Norquist is on record for wanting to shrink the size of government so it can be "drowned in a bathtub." But all this hasn't stopped dozens of Pennsylvania politicians from genuflecting before this poobah despite their constituents' wishes, even checking in with Norquist to make sure votes or proposals are acceptable.
 Gov. Corbett signed the Norquist "no-tax" pledge as a candidate for governor, and has generally toed the line during his first two years in office. Some say that the convoluted county option drilling impact fee under Act 13 was created in order to appease Norquist, and even then Norquist said it was a "tax."
Norquist will now proclaim that Corbett is raising a tax by uncapping the Oil Franchise Tax. Good for Corbett. Grownups in Pennsylvania need to do what is best for Pennsylvania, and sometimes that means creating new revenue and making new investments.

Maybe we'll live long enough to one day read the New Jersey Sierra Club saying something nice about Republican Governor Chris Christie. Right. Hey, bartender, pour us another one of those hydrofracturing highballs.

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