Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Christie to holdouts: Dunes will be built; that’s no B.S.

New Jersey 101.5 today reports:
At his latest town hall on Long Beach Island, Governor Chris Christie said his message is simple for folks who fail to sign easements by the deadline, which is today.
“We are building these dunes,” he told a cheering crowd. “And we are building these dunes whether you consent or not.”
Opponents said the easements will give the state the green light to build not only dunes nearby, but other amenities like bathrooms and amusement rides.
Christie argued, “I have no interest in taking your property. I have no interest in building anything besides a dune on your property, and then replenishing that dune when it needs to be replenished.”
He said their reasons were ‘BS’ anyway, except he used the full word. According to Christie, the reluctant homeowners just don’t want their views blocked.
See the full story here and watch the video in which the governor asked parents to cover the ears of children  before he delivered his no-abbreviation phrase.

At the meeting, he also explained his administration's plans for property buyouts in Sayreville and other communities where property owners want buyouts.

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