Friday, June 14, 2013

Flamethrower Josh Fox is back with Gasland II

According to the Allegheny Front:

In 2010, almost no one in America had heard of the term "fracking".
Then, Josh Fox came along.
For many who saw Fox’s debut film, Gasland, it was the first they’d ever heard of fracking. And it wasn’t a very good impression. The movie charged oil and gas companies with polluting air and water, then avoiding public scrutiny by coopting the political process.
The first Gasland garnered Fox an Oscar nomination, and galvanized the anti-fracking movement. Not bad for a debut film.
Now Fox is back, and he’s looking for more evidence of environmental harm from fracking.
Tom Wilber is a journalist whose written a book about fracking and maintains a blog called the Shale Gas Review. How was the second Gasland?
“It was one-sided, didactic, there were errors of omission, and will be polarizing,” Wilber said.

Polarizing? How so? See the full story at: Gasland II Stokes the Flames of Fracking Debate
Or, click for an audio version of the Allegheny Front story

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