Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hurricane season coming but some still block NJ dunes

Sandy - Tilting house on beach in Mantoloking - April Saul  - Inquirer Staff Photographer                                                                 Photo: April Saul/Philadelphia Inquirer

After all of Superstorm Sandy's devastation and the overwhelming evidence that sturdy dunes prevented even greater destruction, it's almost inconceivable that some New Jersey shore residents are still refusing to sign easements that will allow dune-building to proceed.

And yet, this is the case.

"Since Sandy, the strong emotional ties residents feel for the Jersey Shore have become a jumbled mess of competing interests that have pitted neighbor against neighbor, politicians against residents and all of them against environmental advocates and coastal scientists,"
USA TODAY reports.

What prompts this? Distrust of government at all levels, from the U.S. Corps of Engineers right down to the local mayor, apparently plays a large role.

View this USA TODAY video
for clues as to what is motivating the holdouts.

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