Friday, November 8, 2013

The environment in NJ? This guy's seen and done it all

In the newest episode of EnviroPolitics Podcast...

Michael Catania
....we interview Michael Catania who has played a major role for three decades in New Jersey in the areas of environmental legislation, regulation and conservation.

We discuss major environmental laws, like the Pinelands Act, that Michael helped to draft when he worked for the Office of Legislative Services.

Michael also talks about his time at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, his leadership i
n a number of conservation organizations and projects, and his exciting new challenge as executive director at Duke Farms.

Michael has been a participant in and witness to much of the progress of the environmental movement as we know it in New Jersey. Is he discouraged by current events? Listen and learn. We think you'll really like this episode and you may learn a good deal, too.

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