Monday, December 16, 2013

Sales tax slice for open space faces Christie's hammer

In a press conference on Friday, Gov. Chris Christie ruled out a proposal being pushed in the state Senate that would divert up to $200 million in sales tax revenue each year over 30 years to protect open space and farmland and to preserve historic structures, NJ Spotlight reports today.
“I think it’s a bad idea,’’ Christie said in a response to a question about the proposal -- one being lobbied for by a wide coalition of conservation, recreational, and farm groups. “Belly up to the bar and come up with a better idea.’’

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The proposal, (SCR-165), cleared the Senate Environment and Energy Committee on Thursday with bipartisan support. On the same day the Assembly Budget Committee cleared, also with Republicans backing, a
Democratic bill, (A-4581), that would ask voters to approve a $200 million bond issue on the ballot this fall. Christie did not offer his view on that proposal, which is backed by some environmental organizations.

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