Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Site remediation extension bill is back on track in NJ

Scientist working on a contaminated site investigation. GeoSyntec photo
A bill that would give deadline extensions to some LSRP-led cleanups in New Jersey was sidetracked by its sponsor last week when the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)  failed to show up for a committee hearing to explain why the agency believes the legislation is necessary.

It was the second meeting at which sponsor (and Environment and Energy Committee Chairman) Bob Smith, had posted the legislation for committee review--and the second time that the DEP was a no-show. Piqued, Smith held he bill.

Click to hear what Smith told his fellow committee members and those in the audience who had come to Trenton to hear the bill debated.

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But today, apparently, all is well. The legislation,
S-3075, is back on the Senate committee's agenda for Thursday (Dec 19). Insiders say that DEP officials are working with legislative staffers on amendments.  A companion measure, A-4543 (Spencer) was released yesterday by the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and is in position for a floor vote in the lower house. 

Both bills loosen the Site Remediation Reform Act's statutory deadline for completion of all  contaminated site remedial investigations by May 7, 2014.  They would allow the DEP, under certain circumstances, to grant an extension of up to two years to a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) who has not completed the project for good reasons. Without the ability to  grant extensions, the DEP would be required to take over direct oversight of all remedial investigations that are not completed by May 7.

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