Sunday, February 23, 2014

NJ environment bills in committee in Trenton - Feb 24

Legislation to allow small, controlled fires in state forests (to prevent larger ones), establish fishing licenses for the taking of Menhaden, set carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide air quality standards for ice arenas, and require state buildings to be topped with green or blue roofs are among nine environmental bills up for debate Monday at 2 p.m. in Assembly committees.

Here's the lineup.

Committee Room 15, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

A-1275  Dancer, R.S. (R-12); Conaway, H. (D-7); Caride, M. (D-36)
Authorizes prescribed burning in certain circumstances.
A-1775  McKeon, J.F. (D-27); Moriarty, P.D. (D-4); Chivukula, U.J. (D-17)
Establishes forest stewardship program for State-owned lands.
A-2684  Andrzejczak, B. (D-1)
Establishes Menhaden Personal Use and Limited Sale License and permits use of certain gear for taking of menhaden.
     Feb 24, 2014  – Posted: Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources

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Committee Room 9, 3rd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

A-361  Caputo, R.R. (D-28); Chivukula, U.J. (D-17)
Requires Department of Health and Senior Services to establish carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide air quality standards and certification requirements for ice arenas.
A-1726  Eustace, T.J. (D-38); Lagana, J.A. (D-38); Mosquera, G.M. (D-4)
Amends "Flood Hazard Area Control Act" to require DEP to take certain actions concerning delineations of flood hazard areas and floodways.
A-1828  Lampitt, P.R. (D-6); Vainieri Huttle, V. (D-37); McKeon, J.F. (D-27); Stender, L. (D-22)
Requires BPU to establish Energy Efficiency Leadership awards program.
A-1928  Conaway, H. (D-7); Singleton, T. (D-7); Riley, C.M. (D-3)
Requires DEP to conduct vibration analysis along routes for disposal of dredged material from Delaware River.  Related Bill: S-1301
A-2303  DeAngelo, W.P. (D-14)
Requires certain State departments, divisions, commissions, and authorities to consider use of green or blue roof in construction of certain new State buildings, facilities, and structures.
AR-48  Chivukula, U.J. (D-17); McKeon, J.F. (D-27); Gusciora, R. (D-15)
Urges NJ participation in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative because of its importance to national security and energy independence.


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