Saturday, March 22, 2014

EPA chief paving a rocky road toward new climate rules

Gina McCarthy at a 'listening session' in Beulah, N.D.  (Associated Press photo)
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy is on the road campaigning for a cutting-edge set of carbon-pollution rules that are a tough sell in large parts of the country.

Coral Davenport, writing in the New York Times, describes Ms McCarthy as "the chief architect and emissary of President Obama’s plan to fight climate change. "

"At its heart are a pair of divisive E.P.A. regulations that are to set new limits on carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants — the chief source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States — and potentially establish Mr. Obama as the first American president to take aggressive action to stop global warming," Davenport writes.
"But the rules could also be so stringent that they shut down large numbers of plants and imperil mining jobs. Republicans and the coal industry say the actions amount to a war on coal, and they are mounting a legal and legislative battle to fight them."

To learn how many cities McCarty and other EPA officials are visiting, what states are not on their itinerary, and what strategy underlies the campaign, read: As Listener and Saleswoman, E.P.A. Chief Takes to the Road for Climate Rules

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