Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fracking waste battle under way in Connecticut

 "The legislative battle over banning or regulating "fracking waste" in Connecticut opened Friday with a barrage of testimony about the environmental dangers this industrial byproduct may bring, Gregory B. Hladky reports in the Hartford Courant.
"Connecticut's new commissioner of energy and environmental protection, Robert Klee, urged lawmakers to give the state authority to regulate the wastes produced by natural gas drilling as a hazardous material.
"He said a bill proposed by his agency would give state regulators "cradle-to-grave oversight" for any fracking waste products that might enter Connecticut.
"Activists like Leah Lopez Schmalz, of the Connecticut Fund for the Environment, insisted Klee's plan would be "an incomplete solution" to the problem and that the best way to safeguard public health in this state would be to ban potentially toxic fracking waste completely."

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