Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Public showdown tonight in NJ over smelly landfill

Roxbury, NJ residents will get to speak out on the Fenimore Landfill a hearing tonight at 7:30 in the high school

Will the NJDEP representatives leading tonight's public hearing on the infamous Fenimore Landfill get hazardous duty pay?  They probably should.

Residents of Roxbury Township in Morris County (Governor Christie's home county) are mad as hell and not inclined to take any more of the smell that the dump has been serving up for most of the time since late 2012 when a new operator took it over as part of a DEP-approved closure. That plan involved trucking in construction waste to serve as cover.

Far from ending the dump's life, the operation instead produced noxious emissions that forced neighbors to stay inside their homes during warm weather and generated complaints of headaches, increased asthma and other problems.

Roxbury residents raised a political stink of their own that convinced the state in June to seize the property and implement measures that have reduced the odors measurably.

At tonight's hearing, consultants to the NJDEP will present two possible approaches--one involving capping of the waste and implementing odor control measures. The second will look at digging up the waste and transporting it to another facility.

Many residents hope the state will agree to 'truck it out' but Gov. Chris Christie warned them at a recent town hall meeting that the removal approach would result in a much long cleanup and even greater odors.

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