Monday, April 21, 2014

Meet NJ Gov Christie's Ombudsman, Patrick Hobbs

Patrick E. Hobbs
"As part of the internal review into the scandals whirling around New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, lawyers recommended the governor hire an ombudsman. On Friday, Christie announced that he appointed Patrick Hobbs for the position."

That's the introduction to a short but interesting sketch about Mr. Hobbs, provided by Matt Katz in his blog, Katz on Christie, hosted by NJ Spotlight.

Katz tells us that Hobbs is the dean of Seton Hall Law School and chair of the State Commission on Investigation, which in recent years has been more focused on criminal issues than public corruption.  

Hobbs will be paid
$75,000 for the part-time job and is not resigning from his dean's position.

What's  his relationship to Christie? They have known each other professionally for the last 15 years through Christie's involvement as an alumnus of Seton Hall Law. Hobbs said they have never socialized.
Oh, yes, we almost forgot...Hobbs is a Democrat.

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