Monday, May 5, 2014

Christie team under fire for energy, enviro decisions

The new week is off to a rough start for the administration of NJ Governor Chris Christie.

In news stories yesterday and today, the Department of Environmental Protection and the Board of Public Utilities came under fire for:

1. delays in reporting the results of tests into the extent of PFC contamination in public water supplies (Jon Hurdle reporting in NJ Spotlight);

2. the transfer of dioxin-cleanup funds from the DEP to the General Fund for use in narrowing the administration's $800 million budget shortfall (Tom Johnson reporting in NJ Spotlight),

3. the involvement of former BPU officials in the controversial award of a contract to oversee the funding of clean energy projects. (Jean Rimbach reporting in The Record)

News coverage is not likely to get any kinder tomorrow when Christie staffer Christina Genovese Renna testifies before a joint legislative panel investigating Bridgegate.
(Charles Stile reporting in The Record)


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