Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jersey won't be sweating upcoming EPA carbon rule

NJ’s power industry cut carbon emissions 27 percent between 2005-2012
"President Obama is expected to unveil an unprecedented plan on Monday to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s coal- and gas-burning power plants —
many of whose provisions are already in effect in New Jersey, "James M. O'Neill
reports in The Record.

The state, which already has one of the nation’s cleanest fleets of power-generating plants, is not expected to face a major challenge meeting whatever emissions cuts are in it, environmental and business representatives predicted.
We've felt comfortable all along with this, because New Jersey is one of the cleanest power sectors in the country,” said Bob Marshall, the state Department of Environmental Protection’s assistant commissioner for sustainability and green energy. “We’re already way ahead of most other states.”
Sara Bluhm, the vice president for energy and environment of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, agreed. “Our electric-generation sector is in good shape to deal with any new emissions rules involving coal,” she said.
At the same time, as a coastal state that is already feeling the impact of climate change — from sea-level rise to more-intense storms — New Jersey would benefit from efforts to reduce the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change.
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