Friday, May 30, 2014

Third-party energy suppliers face more scrutiny in NJ

                                             Stefanie Brand, Director, NJ Division of Rate Counsel 

The New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel wants to ramp up efforts to prevent alternative energy suppliers from misleading customers when they switch from their incumbent electric utilities, Tom Johnson reports today in NJ
In a filing with the state Board of Public Utilities, the agency, which represents the interests of utility customers, is seeking more protections for ratepayers who decide to buy their electricity from companies other than state utilities.
The filing occurs at a time when the state already is launching an investigation into whether those suppliers are engaging in false marketing and contracting.
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The issue became a focus of regulators this past winter when electricity prices for customers who switched to so-called third party suppliers skyrocketed when severe weather spiked prices for natural gas. As a result, customers had to absorb big increases in their electric bills that were totally unanticipated.

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