Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chris Christie walking a tight rope on climate change

Does Gov. Chris Christie believe in climate change and its impact on New Jersey?

NJ Spotlight's answer today is:
A) Yes B) No C) Maybe D) All of the above . . . depends on when and where you ask the question
Why, when asked if post-Sandy New Jersey’s done enough to address the issue of rising ocean levels linked to global warming, does Gov. Chris Christie suggest that the question is based on shaky science?
Why, when asked about his decision to pull New Jersey out of a regional initiative aimed at reducing greenhouse gases, did the governor reply condescendingly to a reporter who deigned to ask him about it?
Did someone say presidential ambitions? Did someone say Koch brothers?
Andrea Bernstein of WNYC, a partner of NJ Spotlight, takes a look at the tightrope walk balancing act that is Chris Christie’s stance on greenhouse gases, climate change, rising oceans, melting ice caps, rising temperatures -- and how to appeal to the conservative wing of the GOP.

To hear and read Andrea's report, click here

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