Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coming: The pensions, The Rock, The Christie Rescue

NJ Gov. Chris Christie, whose pre-Bridgegate fame was in no small measure due to skillful use of entertainment media, was forced to scale back his big PR machine when the traffic cone scandal was daily, front page and TV news.

Now that the issue has waned, he's back on the tube, call-in radio, Twitter and today offered up a slick YouTube parody on action-packed Hollywood disaster movies. The point of it (besides portraying the governor as New Jersey's bulwark against impending chaos (unsustainable public employee pensions and benefits) is to lay the emotional groundwork for his yet-to-be disclosed solution.

All we know for sure from the faux trailer is that the Christie solution is going to involve a heck of a lot of 'pain.'

Could the design of the video be to instill such anticipatory anxiety in the average taxpayer that his or her support for the solution will immediately follow (after an enormous sigh of relief) when it finally is revealed that public workers will be the primary recipients of that pain?
Check out the YouTube teaser and let us know what you think. Is this a winner? Or something that could backfire as badly as a cone-handler joke?

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