Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jersey City to get $10M down for waste transfer station

A company will pay Jersey City $10 million up front and $250,000 annually to operate a solid waste transfer station at a waterfront rail yard, city officials said Monday.
NJBIZ reported:

"The agreement with IESI NY Corp., which spans 30 years, will enable it to begin operations of a barge-to-rail system for some 800,000 tons of waste coming out of New York City, according to a news release. The waste is currently carried by truck through Jersey City, but will instead be taken in sealed containers directly to the Greenville Yard property.

"The city will use the initial $10 million payment to complete renovations of a decommissioned reservoir in the Jersey City Heights section, the news release said. The $250,000 will be collected as an annual “host transfer fee” for the operation."
The Jersey Journal reported:

“The expansion of Greenville Yards will remove 800,000 tons of waste currently driven through Jersey City streets. It will instead be transported in sealed containers of barge-to-rail, never entering the Jersey City community, the city said in a press release.

“The renovations to Reservoir 3 in the Heights will include perimeter running and walking tracks and pathways, preservation of existing historic structures, new lighting, new park amenities such as a floating walkway across parts of the water, a kayak launch, beach area with water access, as well as nature and wildlife habit areas, the press release says.”


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