Friday, October 24, 2014

Busy environmental day coming up Monday in Trenton

The Senate and Assembly environmental committees will meet
in Trenton on Monday, October 27, to consider a variety of bills. Here are their agendas:

10 a.m. - Committee Room 10, 3rd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

A proposed committee substitute will be considered for Senate Bill No. 444 and Senate Bill No. 2419.

For consideration:
S-444  Ruiz, M.T. (D-29)
Clarifies that certain types of sewage and sewage sludge do not constitute hazardous substances under "Spill Compensation and Control Act."
S-2166  Lesniak, R.J. (D-20)
"Comprehensive Regulated Grease Recycling Act."
S-2354  Stack, B.P. (D-33)
Requires local governments and authorities to obtain financing cost estimate required to be provided by NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust for certain projects.
Related Bill: A-3548
S-2419  Smith, B. (D-17); Bateman, C. (R-16)
Prohibits contribution action against local public entity for cleanup and removal costs or any other damages associated with discharge of hazardous substances.
S-2491  Smith, B. (D-17)
Establishes position of State Oceanographer.
S-2494  Lesniak, R.J. (D-20)
Requires composting or recycling of food waste by large volume generators.
For discussion only:
S-2511  Madden, F.H. (D-4)
Removes anhydrous ammonia used for refrigeration as substance regulated by "Toxic Catastrophe Prevention Act"; eliminates DOLWD licensing for operators of refrigerating plants using anhydrous ammonia.

2 p.m. - Committee Room 9, 3rd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

For consideration:
A-2913  Caride, M. (D-36); Dancer, R.S. (R-12); Bucco, A.M. (R-25); Watson Coleman, B. (D-15)
Designates Black Swallowtail butterfly as State Butterfly.
Related Bill: S-939
A-3125  Caride, M. (D-36)
Prohibits sale or planting of certain invasive plant species.
A-3133  Bramnick, J.M. (R-21); Burzichelli, J.J. (D-3)
Requires DEP to establish "private wildlife habitat certification program"; creates affirmative defense against municipal nuisance ordinances for properties certified under the program.
A-3354  Eustace, T.J. (D-38)
Establishes "Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Program."
A-3355  Wilson, G.L. (D-5)
Requires training for pesticide applicators and operators concerning pollinating bees.
 A-3452  Mazzeo, V. (D-2)
Regulates planting and sale of running bamboo; establishes disclosure requirement for real estate licensees.
AJR-60  Wilson, G.L. (D-5); Riley, C.M. (D-3); Space, P. (R-24); Dancer, R.S. (R-12)
Designates June of each year as "Native Plant Appreciation Month."

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