Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Is Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian prophetic or nuts?

Mayor Donald Guardian - Business Insider photo

"There's no doubt I've become captain of the ship,"says Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian,
now one-year into the job of leading one of the nation's most challenged municipalities.

"The question is, am I steering the Titanic or am I steering the Ark?

With four casinos closed and 8,000 more people unemployed, the answer appears clear to some. But the mayor is not despairing. Instead, he sees the city moving closer to his vision of a resort town not totally dependent on casinos.

Inquirer writer Amy S. Rosenberg interviewed Guardian and declared him to be a "relentless optimist, up for a challenge," one who "sees the casino meltdowns accelerating a post-gaming
vision he had for A.C. going into the job."

Is the mayor prophetic or just nuts? 

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