Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Abner Silver, 79, traded legal career for cheesesteaks

                                                                 Photo: MICHAEL KLEIN -
How could anyone not read the obituary in today's Philadelphia Inquirer that carried that headline? We couldn't.

It turns out that Mr. Silver was the owner of the iconic, black-and-white-tiled Jim's Steaks at 4th and South Street in Philadelphia--a location that many of our readers no doubt have visited, or at least passed by, since it appeared in the late 1970's.

Mr. Silver and his then business partner picked the location because the then colorful South Street--a haven for hippies and tourists--was a natural for cheesesteaks, already a favorite thanks to Pat's and Geno's in South Philadelphia.

Mr. Silver loved cheesesteaks, one of his sons, Kenneth, recalls, "because of how relevant and how meaningful they are to Philly."

Mr. Silver loved the city and it's favorite tourist food.  He did not love practicing the law.

A lesson for us all?  Follow your passion--and your stomach--like Abner Silver.

Read the full obituary here 

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