Wednesday, January 21, 2015

BPU to decide on PSE&G upland switching station

Tom Johnson reports today in NJ Spotlight:

"The state Board of Public Utilities is expected to approve a settlement today that will let Public Service Electric & Gas build a new switching station in Newark’s West Ward, a project the utility says could prevent some of the widespread outages that left most of the city in the dark after Hurricane Sandy.

"The agreement between PSE&G and Newark may end a year-old dispute over the utility’s plans to build a $138 million switching station, a project required by the operator of the nation’s largest power grid to increase reliability and relieve congestion. The latter can spike power prices for both consumers and businesses."

"At one point during Hurricane Sandy, 95 percent of Newark was without power for at least 24 hours, largely because enormous storm surges flooded switching stations and substations that were located closer to the water, according to Karen Johnson, a spokeswoman for PSE&G.

"The new switching station is located farther inland. If it had been built before the storm, it could have helped keep the lights on in Newark for thousands of customers, the utility said."

Full story:
 Approval expected for upland PSEG switching station in Newark

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