Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pa environmentalists set hopes high for Gov-elect Wolf

Pa. State Rep. Kate Harper (see video link below)
Although incoming Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat, will need to deal with a conservative, Republican-controlled legislature, environmental organizations believe that adoption of a severance tax on fracking gas may not be impossible to achieve. 

They also are urging the businessman-turned politician to enhance the state's environment and natural resources through regulation and executive orders.
In a joint message to Mr. Wolf yesterday, the Clean Air Council, Clean Air Task Force, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Clean Water Action, Environmental Defense Fund, PennEnvironment, Pennsylvania Environmental Council, PennFuture, and The Nature Conservancy – Pennsylvania Chapter all called for action on methane pollution early in
Mr.. Wolf's upcoming tenure.
The groups claimed that recent polling indicates that "70 percent of Pennsylvanians not only have been dissatisfied with the lack of state leadership on natural gas issues, but also support regulating methane emissions in the state."

PennFuture's Andrew Sharp (link to video at right)
In a recent forum in Harrisburg, PennFuture panelists discussed the recent gubernatorial election and what might be expected from the Wolf administration on the environmental front.
EnviroPolitics caught up with Republican State Rep. Kate Harper and with PennFuture's Andrew Sharp after the event.

Watch their video interviews:

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