Tuesday, February 3, 2015

NJ Resources subsidiary completes 2 solar projects

NJRCEV Solar Installation in Howell, NJ
NJR Clean Energy Ventures’ new solar installation in Howell, NJ 

NJR Clean Energy Ventures (NJRCEV), the unregulated distributed power subsidiary of New Jersey Resources, has announced the completion of a 9.9 megawatt (MW) grid-connected solar installation in Howell, NJ and a 6.1 MW system in North Hanover, NJ.

With the addition of these projects, NJRCEV’s commercial solar portfolio now totals 19 installations with a capacity of 72 MW of clean energy in New Jersey, the company said in a news release.

“As electric generation in the U.S. continues to shift and evolve, clean energy, like solar, is an increasingly important part of the mix,” said Laurence M. Downes, Chairman and CEO of New Jersey Resources. “With solar projects, such as our grid-connected systems in Howell and North Hanover, we are bringing clean energy generation - and the benefits it provides – closer to home. That’s good for New Jersey and our energy future.”
The Howell solar farm is a ground-mount, grid-connected system, and represents an investment of $25.8 million. The clean energy produced at the site is enough to power 1,040 homes annually and reflects an estimated carbon reduction of 9,500 tons, or the equivalent of removing 1,825 cars from New Jersey’s roadways.

The North Hanover solar installation, a ground-mount, grid-connected system, represents an investment of $15.8 million. The clean energy produced is enough to power over 650 homes annually, with an estimated carbon reduction of 6,000 tons, or the equivalent of removing 1,140 cars from New Jersey’s roads.

NJRCEV owns, operates and maintains each system, as well as any tax credits and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) produced. SRECs are the credits generated by solar systems that can be sold to meet utility providers’ renewable energy requirements.

NJRCEV invests in, owns and operates renewable energy projects that generate clean power and provide low-carbon energy solutions. In total, the company maintains a portfolio of residential and commercial solar and onshore wind projects, totaling over 100 MW of installed capacity.

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