Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Curious about EnviroPolitics? Latest 2 issues here--FREE

Maybe you've heard about our daily energy and environment news source from a fellow environmental attorney...

Or from an energy or environment consultant, a trade association exec, an environmental organization, or a state regulator or legislator.

Maybe you already subscribe to our free EnviroPolitics Blog or our Enviro-Events Calendar.

Still, you haven't seen our flagship information resource--EnviroPolitics.

Today's your chance. Not only can you simply click here for today's issue,

You also can download yesterday's issue here.

If you like what you see, you're really in luck. One last click for a full month's worth of daily, EnviroPolitics issues. No charge. No catch. No kidding.

Find out why the region's brightest environmental attorneys, engineers, consultants rely on EnviroPolitics to stay up with--and ahead of--targeted political, energy and environment
issues, legislation and regulation.

Questions? We welcome you email or phone message.

Frank Brill
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